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Brand Name

Amoxil, Moxatag.

Generic Brand Name

Ampicillin 250mg,  Ampicillin 500mg, Cenmox 250, Cenmox 500mg,

Trimox 500mg, Augmentin 375mg, Amoxil 250 mg, Walamox CV 1000mg,

Penicillin 500mg, Megamentin 625mg, Mormox 500mg. etc.

Generic Name



Alkem Laboratories Ltd,  Signature Pharma,  Intas,  Centurion,  Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Healing Pharma,  Wockhardt ltd,  Wallace,  Dr. Reddys Laboratories Ltd,  Mapra Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


250mg,  375mg,  500mg.  625mg,  1000mg


Bacterial infection

Please Note

Consult with your Doctor

Shipping Time

10-20 Business days

About Amoxycillin (Cipmox 500 Mg)

Amoxycillin comprises an active component Cipmox 500 mg, that is utilized in the bacterial infection treatment like infection of airways and lungs, infection of middle ear, urinary tract, sinuses, and skin. You can purchase it from all the top drugstores, pharmacy and medical stores and can be provided only by prescription of your doctor.


Cipla (India) is the main companies that manufacture Amoxycillin (Cipmox 500 mg).


Amoxycillin contains an active component, Amoxycillin tablet (500 mg) can be available in different substitutes and strengths even at all the famous pharmacy stores.

Amoxycillin (Cipmox 500 Mg) starts to work fast just after a patient have it, and it will reach peak blood absorptions in just about one or two hours, as per to the label of drug.

Amoxicillin is normally prescribed antibiotics. This medicine is same as to penicillin and can kill a lot of germs including Listeria monocytegenes, Streptococcus species, Haemophilus influenzae, Enterococcus, some E.

Know Main Uses Of The Amoxycillin

Amoxycillin is used in:

  • Skin infection
  • Throat infection (Tonsillitis/ Pharyngitis)
  • Gonorrhea and associated infection
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Dental Abcess
  • Typhoid fever
  • Endocarditis

Know The Working of Amoxycillin

Amoxycillin is an effective antibiotic that basically kills germ by stopping them from forming their own protecting covering that is needed for their existence in the human body.

Things to Remember When You Use Amoxycillin

You should confirm that:

  • You aren’t sensitive to Amoxycillin (It is important before you take this medicine)
  • Your doctor recognizes about your Pre-existing Surgeries, disease, Supplements, Medications, etc.

Avoid When You Use Amoxycillin

  • Stay away from taking alcohol (It can cause allergic reaction)
  • Strictly stay away from taking Medicines without doctor’s prescriptions

When You Shouldn’t Use Amoxycillin?

You should stay away from Amoxycillin in case you:

  • Have ever noted any Hypersensitivity/Allergy to it
  • You must always discuss with your doctor for effective and suitable treatment

Inform Your Doctor In Case You

  • Are Sensitive or Hypersensitive to this medicine
  • Are having any Kidney/liver/ problem
  • Are Breastfeeding/Pregnant women
  • Are having other Drugs, Diseases or Therapies

Amoxicillin Recommended Dosage

Amoxycillin is utilized in the bacterial infections’ treatment. This mixture is available in other alternatives and different strengths even and must be given on doctor’s prescription only. You should always discuss with your doctor for the duration, frequency and medicine dosage as severity and age of the disease differ from one patient to another patient.

Adults or young people are recommended to take Amoxycillin 500 mg at a set time, without or with food. Never consume smaller or larger amounts than Prescribed.

How Much Amoxycillin to Be Used?

Always, patients are suggested to follow prescriptions and instructions of their doctor to take Amoxycillin 500 mg., it is specified two times in a day at set times, evening and morning. Dose can differ as per upon the patient’s condition.

How Should You Take The Amoxycillin?

You can swallow the tablet with water without crushing or chewing the tablet. You can take this tablet at fixed time and regularly for better results.

Till When You Should Use Amoxycillin?

Always, patients are suggested to take Amoxycillin 500 mg as recommended by your doctor. You aren’t suggested to take it in a big amount or for a longer period than suggested. Normally, you can take a basic course for this tablet and it is for 5 days.


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